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To cancel your service, text STOP to 242-242. What are some funny forward? HE CAT POEM This is this cat . . All pictures were separated to appropriate category, so . . We provide you a large collection of funny sms text . You can even sent funny text messages to your boss but make sure it is appropriate to the level of relationship that you have as employer-employee. . . . Includes greetings, jokes, quotes, 1 liners and more. Latest Funny, Lovely, Cool, Cute, Naughty, Sweet Text, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Punjabi, Eng, Best txt Msgs, Flirt Fwds, Romantic, Decent ForwardsBest Answer: FWD: If you saw me in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for? Send your answer then forward 2 ten people to see what you're accused of! FWD: 97 . . . . VisualJokes. Funniest Text Messages; Funny Questions; Funny Sms; Funny Ghazal; Funny Text Messages . . . . If you need help, text HELP to 242-242. . . children funny comic strip • comic • comic strip • comic strips • comic strips that are funny and school appropriate • English • funniest popular comic strips text that are . . . . of forwarding humorous, decent, and funny flirt sms messages then this is the most appropriate stage for your sms collection. 101 sms jokes - large collection of funny sms jokes for you to text message on your cellphone. . . For instance . . SharingChristmas Jokes about Santa, gift giving, elves, and Christmas day, as well as funny Christmas carols, funny Christmas cartoons, and holiday puns. . sms and anniversary year sms to your close relatives then this is the appropriate . . This is a simple, text-only site of hilarious T shirt . They are appropriate for printing on T shirts. com has a free funny pictures of all funny areas: animals, blonde, clean, sport, celebrity, My space and others. . . . » » Our top 10 free funny texting jokes and hilarious text messages: Post your own funny text messages or any other funny SMS jokes and stuff you would like to share. Does anyone know any hilarious text message forwards that… What are some good/funny/sweet text forwards that r appropriate? what are some funny, sexy, silly, or interesting things . . . discussion forum about T shirt sayings and other funny . What are some funny text forwards? Did you hear about the new mag for married men by Playboy? It. . . What are funny, appropriate things to write in yearbooks? And remember no matter where you go . . . . .

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